Charles Titterington - Fine Art Photography


Creative Process

From concept to final piece Charles Titterington takes great pride in the entire creative process creating each piece.  Each image is the final product of days, and sometimes months of planning and preparation of a concept. Sometimes starting with just a sketch of an idea, evolving into working closely with each subject working out concept ideas, and locations in preparation of the session maximizing productivity and usable pieces. 

Charles Titterington creates most of his pieces on location throughout the state of Florida. Each creative session is anything but a studio session, almost guaranteed to get a great hike out of work with him.  

Time is something we all take for granted and we tend to rush our selves loosing focus. Charles focuses on the emotional connection to each concept maximizing the connection with the subject and the piece at hand. Shooting with a variety of lenses and cameras Charles stays versatile to keep up with his eclectic imagination.  Emotionally attached to the entire process creating a connection with his work. This is a personal level which transcends to the collector of each piece knowing that each piece was given a great deal of attention by the artist before it ever left his hands.

2017-02-07 13.08.30.jpg


Charles Titterington pieces are hight resolution giclee prints on Epson Signature Worthy papers for its remarkable longevity, with a high Dmax and wide color gamut.

2017-02-07 13.08.30.jpg


Each piece is matted and custom framed by Charles Titterington bringing a personal level of completion to each piece.  Keeping archival in mind with each piece, personally cared for and given the required attention for longevity of the piece.  Finishing each piece with his signature.